Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI)

The Dutch Tax Office recognized Foundation Prometheus Legal Consultancy as a Public Benefit Organization of Charitable Organization (Dutch: ANBI) from our date of incorporation. 

Name of the institution: Foundation Prometheus Legal Consultancy.

Registration number charitable status: 862096005.

Description of the objective of the Foundation: to provide (legal) advice to people with a social or legal question and/or problem, whether or not as a result of (the circumstances caused by) the COVID-19-pandemic and everything that is related or beneficial to the above, all in the broadest sense of the word.

Main points of the policy plan: please see Policy Plan 2021-2024.

Remuneration policy: the members of the Board and the volunteers of the Foundation do not receive (financial) remuneration for their activities of any kind. Any expenses made – as described in the policy plan – can be reimbursed. 

Current report on our activities: please see our Blog.

Financial accountability: Prometheus Legal Consultancy draws up an annual account in which it provides (financial) accoutantability. As from 2022, the annual accounts will be published on this page. 


Support Prometheus Legal Consultancy

Due to our charitable status as a Public Benefit Foundation (ANBI), donations to Prometheus Legal Consultancy can be deducted in the income tax return if you meet the conditions of the Dutch tax authorities. For more information, please visit their website

The Foundation can make good use of your donations to improve and expand its (legal) services. Donations received by Prometheus are spent on training its volunteers, improving its marketing strategy and for the regular standing costs of a Public Benefit Foundation (ANBI). Should you wish to support Prometheus at this time, please contact us per e-mail via