Areas of Law

Private (civil) Law

Private law relates to the legal relationship between citizens, e.g. two citizens concluded a contract. Suppose you have entered into a contract and one of the parties does not honor the agreement which subsequently causes you damage. We can advise you as to which legal options you have.

employment Law

Are you no longer scheduled for work during the COVID-19-pandemic or did you not receive your (full) salary while you are still being entitled to? We can advise you on legal issues regarding matters of employment.

Tenancy Law

Suppose that you have a rental contract, but due to special circumstances (such as the COVID-19-pandemic) you can no longer pay your rent or your landlord terminated the agreement. We can advise you on your legal position as a tenant.

Education Law

Due to the COVID-19-pandemic, you were unable to take an exam or your exam was subsequently declared invalid. We can advise you on your legal position as a student.

Administrative Law

Administrative law regulates how government and citizens interact. Suppose that you have applied for a permit some time ago and it has still not been granted. We can advise you on your legal position.

Criminal Law

Suppose that the police fined you for violating the current measures in place on COVID-19, think of the curfew or a gathering with more than the maximum amount of people allowed. In case you think you were wrongly fined, we can advise you on your legal position.