Our objective

Prometheus Legal Consultancy is an initiative of eight enthusiastic students of the Honours College of Law at the University of Amsterdam.The students who are volunteered to join the Foundation are among the top 5% of the Law Programme. In addition to their study activities, they are committed to the public interest by providing you with free legal advice, which they see as a social duty.Prometheus strives for high-quality legal services and reaches out to you in this difficult time. Our volunteers will be happy to help you with legal questions or complaints in the area of one of our jurisdictions.

"Giving back to society in these difficult times is what we as students see as a social duty. Prometheus is the realisation of that."

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Laurens The Short


My name is Laurens the Short. Despite being a third-year law student, I've had a relatively long legal career. During my previous studies I have been able to gain relevant practical experience at various institutions: a hypotheker, a law firm and the Public Prosecutor's Office. Since 2018 I am happy to work for the Financial Services Disputes Committee (KiFiD) in The Hague. After completing my studies, I hope to be able to provide my services to the European Union in Brussels.

At the moment, however, I want to make a full effort for people who have been legally affected by corona pandemic. The time we live in right now is not the easiest. If I can use my knowledge and experience to help someone else, I see that as a social duty. You can count on my fellow volunteers and I to do everything we can to help you with your legal problem.


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Ömer Arikan

Vice president

My name is Ömer Arikan and I am a third year law student at the University of Amsterdam. As vice-president, I will support the board and my fellow students in work and work on the growth of Prometheus. As an initiator, I have been involved in this project since day one because I realize that the corona crisis affects vulnerable groups in society the hardest.

As a law student, I find the practical application of the law interesting. As a student I have already gained practical experience at the Municipality of Utrecht, the KNMI and the Notarial Foundation. In addition to my studies, I am currently working as a student assistant for the Employment Law section of the University of Amsterdam. Thanks to my previous studies, I have excellent practical skills that I would like to use to realize the mission of Prometheus.


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Tigi Busstra


My name is Tigi Busstra. As treasurer of the Prometheus Legal Consultancy Foundation, I am involved in managing all finances. In addition, Together with my board members, I take care of the general tasks within the foundation. I am currently a third year law student at the University of Amsterdam. I am very happy to do this study and look forward to applying all my knowledge in practice by giving careful legal advice!

I have had a great sense of justice all my life and it gives me great satisfaction to help people achieve their right in this difficult time. Do you always feel free to come to the Prometheus Legal Consultancy foundation; I, together with my fellow volunteers, will make the best possible effort to help you with your legal problems as a result of corona pandemic.



Amin Larossi


I am a third year law student at the Honours College of Law at the University of Amsterdam. As secretary I am primarily concerned with the reporting of Prometheus Legal Consultancy, in addition I am the point of contact on behalf of the Foundation as a spokesman. As a helpful person, I am always willing to help people where necessary. At the outbreak of corona pandemic, I could not watch as people around me got caught up in a legal web. This trait ensured that, as the initiator of Prometheus Legal Consultancy, I intended to approach talented and like-minded fellow students to set up my own consultancy in order to reach out to as many people as possible.         

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them. I like to roll up my sleeves for you and strive to explain everything in understandable language. From rental disputes to cancelled airline tickets, you can always count on my unbridled commitment.


quiryn (2)

Quiryn Smoke

Commissioner External

I am Quiryn Rook, a third year student at the Honours College of Law at the University of Amsterdam. In addition to the study, I have already gained legal experience by working at a law firm, providing legal advice at another foundation and teaching as a student assistant at the University of Amsterdam. In addition, I am actively committed to promoting the integration of status holders in the Netherlands.

As part of Prometheus Legal Consultancy I will continue with what I love to do; helping other people. The corona pandemic has already caused enough suffering. If we can help you with the legal complaints that have arisen from corona pandemic, we will do well. Don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to use our expertise for you.






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Daphne the Great

Commissioner External

My name is Daphne the Great. I am currently a third year law student at the University of Amsterdam. For many people, the present time raises questions that are inextricably linked to the law. Questions that can sometimes be quite complicated, especially if one does not know what his or her rights and duties are. However, knowing your rights and duties is very important, especially in uncertain times like this.

I am therefore affiliated with Prometheus Legal Consultancy to help people with this. Like my fellow students, I see the need to help those in need at this difficult time. I like to use the knowledge I gain during my studies to help people move forward. Prometheus Legal Consultancy will constantly focus on this: actually helping people in an accessible way.

As Commissioner External, in addition to providing legal advice to those seeking help, I will focus in particular on finding the right 'matches' and collaborations for the foundation. With the right collaborations and our infinite commitment, I am convinced that Prometheus Legal Consultancy will be a success and many people can actually be helped.


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Aïcha van der Ree

Commissioner Intern

My name is Aïcha, I am a third year law student at the UvA and I am working on this foundation to broaden my knowledge and apply it in practice. In addition, I have a passion for helping people, specifically in the field of rights. The legal system is confusing for many, but it deserves due attention, because it concerns matters that concern everyone. I think it is important to be approached by a lawyer, because they do not know where they are and what they can or cannot do in difficult situations. By working on this foundation I can combine my passion with my ideals and hopefully help many people a little further.

Besides writing advice, I will focus on the cooperation between the volunteers and the board members. My goal is to create an open and good atmosphere, so that together we can give the best advice to our clients.




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Lois Elshof

Advisory coordinator

My name is Lois Elshof.I am now in the final year of the Law degree at the Honours College of Law in Amsterdam. My attention quickly fell on legal disputes between the citizen and the often almighty government.Over the past year I have enjoyed experience in this legal practice, especially in criminal law. For example, I worked in financial and economic criminal and administrative law at the law firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek and international criminal law at the law firm Prakken d'Oliveira.

For many, a time like this brings unrest and uncertainty, including in the legal field. For this you are at the right place at Prometheus Legal Consultancy and we are happy to help you further. I look forward to working with my fellow directors to use our knowledge and experience for all your legal questions and to assist you as best as possible during this time.

In addition to writing the requested opinions, I will focus mainly on coordinating and guiding the employees associated with Prometheus. If you have any questions, please contact me via the email below.