Prometheus Legal Consultancy

Prometheus Legal Consultancy is a foundation with the charitable goal of providing free legal advice to both individuals and companies with a legal question or complaint. At present, the Foundation focuses primarily on complaints related to the COVID-19-pandemic, as a large group of people have been hit particularly hard by this pandemic and we want to lend them a helping hand. We provide our services to both individuals and companies with legal questions and/or complaints that have arisen (in)directly as a result of the COVID-19-pandemic. The volunteers of Prometheus see it as their social duty to give back to the community and help those in need.

The Foundation borrows its name from Greek mythology. Out of love for mankind, the titan Prometheus stole fire from the Olympic gods and returned it to mankind. Prometheus is thus a symbol of benevolence. This same benevolence is fundamental in the crisis in which our society finds itself today. With this in mind, we offer  you free legal advice on the complaints you may have as a result of the COVID-19-pandemic.

Free Legal Advice

Our legal advice is provided entirely free of charge and is written by volunteers. They do not receive any remuneration for the services they provide on behalf of the Foundation.

Quality Checked

Our letters of advice are written by excellent law students and checked by professionals from the relevant legal practice.

When can you contact us?

If your legal question or complaint is (in)directly related to the COVID-19-pandemic, you can contact us via our contact form. 
If you fulfil this condition, we will be happy to advise you in various areas of law. Under the section ‘Legal fields’ you will find an overview of the areas in which we can advise you. 

Excellent Students

The volunteers of Prometheus are enthusiastic students of the Amsterdam Honours College of Law. This means that they belong to the top 5% of students of their Bachelor of Laws at the University of Amsterdam* and that they have been educated intensively. This excellence is expressed in their academic achievements over the years as well as in the practical experience they have gained in various fields of law. 

* Prometheus emphasises that she is an independent volunteer foundation and that she is not to be affiliated with the Honours College of Law and/or University of Amsterdam as an educational institution. 


The volunteers of Prometheus have gained relevant experience in legal practice. They have worked or are working at law firms, dispute commissions and other financial and/or legal institutions. They are more than happy to use this knowledge and practical experience to answer your legal question or complaint.

Social Engagement

Giving back to society. That is what Prometheus stands for. The volunteers associated with Prometheus see it as their social duty to put their legal knowledge into practice in order to help those in need.

Our Service


The advisory opinions are written by ambitious and enthusiastic students. They have gained the necessary (practical) experience in various fields of law. In doing so, they strive for clear and understandable content. Prometheus stands for providing clear advice that is tailored and directly applicable to your situation.

Quality control

The advisory opinions are written by our advisory groups that consists of three to four students. In addition, each opinion is checked by a professional from the relevant legal practice, in this way the quality of our opinions is upheld.


The primary language of communicaton is Dutch. In addition, communication is also possible in English, French, German, Italian, Arabic and Turkish.